Psalm for the Day

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reality Awakening

Thank You, God, for the grief You have allowed in my life. I have not enjoyed the betrayal of a best friend but the grief has produced an awareness of reality that is fresh and healing. Thank You. I can see how You use grief in my life to keep my mind clear and focused on the things that are about Your kingdom. Thank You for destroying false hopes that were not birthed of my faith but rather of my flesh. Like Ishmael, I hoped that You would give them life but You told me that You would not own children that You did not conceive. These false hopes were conceived of my fears, doubts not of my faith or love.

Please keep enough grief in my life to keep me real but not overwhelm me to the point of hopelessness. Help me to share in other's grief so that they do not walk alone.