Psalm for the Day

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Mothers Do

Thank you to all the mothers who are out there. While the heart is so very tender, mothers have three basic responsibilites to their children.
1. Unconditional Rest.
2. Unconditional Presence.
3. Unconditional Voice.

Unconditional rest refers to the child moving toward the mother when tired. The mother comforts and then brings the child to a place of rest.
The child moves toward the mother in hunger, the mother gives the child's hunger rest.
The child moves toward the mother hurt, the mother fixes the ouchie.
The child moves toward the mother with a dirty diaper, the mother cleanses and restores the child. While the father and others can help, the mother is primary is imprinting the child to expect these basic needs to be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Unconditional Presence. The mother is there. Always. And Loving. Even when the child does not deserve it. When the child is ill, the mother is present. The mother's unconditional presence brings quiet and rest to the child.

Unconditional Voice. The mother listens and celebrates the child's voice. The child learns that a certain voice will always be heard. The child begins to have confidence that their right voice will be heard and learns the difference about their wrong voice of complaining, accusing others, and other wrong use of their voice.

Some have suffered huge failure of their mother's to provide these basic needs. This creates gap in the person's life.

Human Sexuality

I just finished a doctoral course on human sexuality. A few observations.
1. Stick the basics. God designed sex simple. One person for life, one in heart, soul and body. God is the Master Designer. Move away from the Master and the design gets confusing.
2. Sex is about connecting through the spirit using the body. This connection is built upon mutual exposure and seemingly weakness that produces great joy and strength. Sexual union that is wonderfully celebrated echoes God's heart for the family and the order which creation is dependent upon.
3. Sex is Powerful. God designed sex to be an oil to help married couples move through life together. Kept in its place it wonderfully celebrates both the male and female design.
4. Sex is Dangerous and Mysterious. There are certain aspects of the sexual experience we do not fully understand. Science continues to seek to understand the impact of right sex and wrong sex upon the mind, soul and spirit of the human race. The damage that is done to children is mystifying and defies evolutionary conclusions about our being.

God says enjoy, eat as much as you both enjoy, stay out of the ditches, stay on the road and keep looking ahead.