Psalm for the Day

Saturday, December 6, 2014

This hurts me more than it hurts you

I had heard of parents saying this when they spanked their children but I did not believe it when I was spanked.

I have a friend. I believe he is an honest friend. But he can't tell the truth and does not know how to tell the truth. OUCH!

I have tried and I can't reach him. He is lost and his heart knows it. But his soul is in charge and he is lost behind the walls and the childhood COPS he has placed there to protect his heart.

A COP is a Covenant Of Protection that we have made unto ourselves to not be hurt again. These COPS stand there with great SOUL power to keep us from things that might hurt us. The more COPS the less relationships that we can have and maintain. The COPS hate relationships. We mus identify our COPS (not directly) and disarm them, take away their authority and power to influence. We have to break the promises that we have made to ourselves.

I am in his life to help him. But he believes his soul more than he believes his heart and my heart. My soul says, "I am done." My heart says that I will wait here until...

I will not more. I am here. When he turns I will be here. But he must turn and then he must own the horrible wounds that he has caused and allowed. May God have mercy on both of us.


Her soul diligently built a wall around her heart. Her soul, her mind, will and emotions, promised her that she will never, ever feel that pain again. Soon the last brick will be in place and she will finally be safe, never hurt again. Her soul is desperate to hurry the wall while her heart is grieving. A heart consumed by joy demands to exhale and give out and will not allow a wall to be built. But if the wall is completely built then the joy dies within the soul's shelter.

The soul hates the heart, with a great passion. Though the soul was designed to follow and serve the heart, the soul tries to lead again and again. 

It is only in relationship with other heart people that we can stay free of our own soul's tyranny.