Psalm for the Day

Saturday, December 5, 2009


At a Bible study, one of the students noted that God will take care of those who practice sin, eventually. Then he said it again, eventually.

God will, eventually. He always does. He will punish the wicked. He will show forth your righteousness, eventually. He will restore you, eventually.

God delights to use time to mature us and to formalize His heart in us. The aches of God, the grief of God, authored by His Spirit and our spirit lead us to His purpose and plan for our life. God is good all the time, eventually. He is good in heaven and good always comes to the earth, eventually. Satan may have the right to play the first card but God always reserves the right to place the last card upon the table. Movies that delight in endings that are chaotic and do not reserve the right for the unseen God to play the right card celebrate the devil's view of the end of the world. Please do not let your little children feast upon these lies while they are impressionable and temper your teens to these lies that are pumped out of Hollywood.

The Danger of Sorrow

Beware of the second grief cycle called sorrow. If you delight in the sorrow and stay there you will become addicted to a coping mechanism that stops you from maturing onto grief and then joy.

Because sorrow of the mind and feelings is so familiar to us, some of us delight to stay in sorrow. Because it is familiar it is more comfortable than that which is unfamiliar which is heart grief and then heart joy. So we secretly soak in our sorrow, stuck in a cycle of grief that goes around and around, again and again.

Sorrow is an action of the mind and emotions. Grief is the breath of the heart and spirit. Grief breathed always leads to joy. Joy always leads to strength. Sorrow embraced and entertained always leads to happiness that leads to sorrow that leads back to happiness that eventually falls into slavery. Break the cycle by moving through sorrow of the mind and emotions to the grief of the heart.


God has wonderfully used several mentors in my life. And I have been a mentor to several people as well. God delights in the beginning of the relationship to use me and my strengths to fill up some voids in their life.

As we both mature God uses my weakness to wean the person from me, to challenge me and mature our relationship into a peer driven relationship. While I do retain some mentor aspects in the person's life, our relationship is matured now through a peer process.

Soon God will begin to "insight" my disciple into my life and I will joyfully chose to submit to that insight. This matures the relationship into its final stage- where the disciple is now mentoring me. My joyful and willful submission to God's revelation in their voice and life finalizes the weaning process and authenticates God's voice and heart in their life. If I did not hang onto the person when God was using my strengths in their life, I will not suffer when God delights to show them my weakness as well.

Heart Look

When you let someone look into your eyes while you are grieving, you share your grief with them and your grief is halved. When you share your joy, heart to heart and eye to eye, you joy is doubled.

When you let someone look you in the eye and you rest - you let them see the real you, the one you can't see nor know without being in relationship. Humans only work in relationship. We die alone.

When you let someone look into your eyes when you laugh the laughter of joy, you invite them into the room that holds your treasures and your future. Most couples do not share this intimacy with each other. Most people are not even aware of the room in their heart where their treasures are stored.

Remember, grief leads to joy and joy leads to strength. Sorrow leads to happiness which leads to slavery to events that generate happiness.