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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Danger of Sorrow

Beware of the second grief cycle called sorrow. If you delight in the sorrow and stay there you will become addicted to a coping mechanism that stops you from maturing onto grief and then joy.

Because sorrow of the mind and feelings is so familiar to us, some of us delight to stay in sorrow. Because it is familiar it is more comfortable than that which is unfamiliar which is heart grief and then heart joy. So we secretly soak in our sorrow, stuck in a cycle of grief that goes around and around, again and again.

Sorrow is an action of the mind and emotions. Grief is the breath of the heart and spirit. Grief breathed always leads to joy. Joy always leads to strength. Sorrow embraced and entertained always leads to happiness that leads to sorrow that leads back to happiness that eventually falls into slavery. Break the cycle by moving through sorrow of the mind and emotions to the grief of the heart.

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