Saturday, December 5, 2009


God has wonderfully used several mentors in my life. And I have been a mentor to several people as well. God delights in the beginning of the relationship to use me and my strengths to fill up some voids in their life.

As we both mature God uses my weakness to wean the person from me, to challenge me and mature our relationship into a peer driven relationship. While I do retain some mentor aspects in the person's life, our relationship is matured now through a peer process.

Soon God will begin to "insight" my disciple into my life and I will joyfully chose to submit to that insight. This matures the relationship into its final stage- where the disciple is now mentoring me. My joyful and willful submission to God's revelation in their voice and life finalizes the weaning process and authenticates God's voice and heart in their life. If I did not hang onto the person when God was using my strengths in their life, I will not suffer when God delights to show them my weakness as well.

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