Psalm for the Day

Monday, August 31, 2009

Old Wounds

When you are wounded by a gate-keeper at a impressionable age - the wound remains.

Dropping off my oldest son, Andrew, at his college and on the drive back my wife noted that I was looking for regrets. When I did not find any it was like I was disappointed. Someone told me that they would be there, waiting for me. But there was none. There were mistakes and I owned those.

I realized that someone I trusted shot me with an arrow in the back and the poison of the arrow had been poisoning my thinking and feeling for the past forty some years. It took a son to grow up and become a man for me to realize that not only did I raise a man but somewhere along the path I became one.

I am humbled by the great man that my son has become and I tried to pass it off as luck. My beloved Thursday group challenged me powerfully to receive the grace that God had worked in my life. Not only am a great man and raised a great son but am helping other men become men and raise great sons. Wow! I am beginning to believe.

Thank you all for your faith in the God you see in me. Please forgive me for doubting your love and sincerity. I am humbled by the wonderful grace I know enjoy and expect the same God to help me launch the next two as well.