Psalm for the Day

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Truth and humility are the core disciplines for leadership. In Psalm 45 God tells the young King to mount his horse and fight for Truth and Humility righteously.

I have a hard time telling myself the truth. Most of the time I don't. I don't need that cookie but that is not what I tell myself. "One won't hurt." The older I get the easier it is to let lies lie. They just seem to do it on their own. I may be scared that I am getting good at it but I think most people just tend to believe me so I believe myself. I have a few good friends who don't lie to me. They are kind but they will not lie. They don't let me have the second cookie or hamburger. And when I invite them to help me live the truth - they do it. Truth is not natural to any person.

Isn't it amazing God tells the King to fight for humility. Gentleness, meekness is how it is translated. Humility is a way of life. I have wonderfully found fasting to be one way of practically keeping humility in my life. Humility is a wonderful choice. If we don't embrace it, God will send it again and again. Invite humility into your life. It will dramatically affect and infect your relationships and your finances.