Psalm for the Day

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Simple Life

God is teaching me to simplify my life. Too many clothes, too much food, too much entertainment and too much noise.

1. Life the Simple and Pure life of Holy Obedience through Simple and Complete Faith in God.
2. Love the poor with my heart and hand. Insure that the hand always follows the heart no matter what. Do not let the mind in on that conversation. Teach the hand to always follow the heart and the Spirit of Christ. Always. And let Him decide who is the poor. I fast every month on the first three days of the month. Light lunch, whole wheat toast for breakfast and dinner. He chose a good friend who seems to be shallow in his relationships for the poor focus for May.
3. Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. My first words and my last words. I work at a great Church! Thank You, God. I have a wonderful wife, Thank You God. I have wonderful children, Thank You God. I have wonderful friends (YOU!!!) Thank You, God. I have been trained and discipled by unbelievable leaders. Thank You God. I disciple unbelievable disciples, Thank You God. Wow, once you start you can't stop!!!

Simple Faith
Love the Poor with the heart and hand
Thanks forever...

Rod Stodghill