Saturday, January 23, 2010

the Pathos of Theos (The Passion of God)

The Pathos of God
Every human being has entrusted into their care an unusual part of the passion of God. While our circumstances bring out that passion with detail, it was given to us when we were created by God Himself. You might say God took a pinch of His heart and gave it to you. Unique, special and just for you.

There are several pathos of God that we carry in life. A very close friend of mine just lost his mother. To be a mother is a pathos of God that is very near and dear to His heart and this special mother fulfilled that pathos in a special way. She even poured some of her mother pathos into my life.

Our pathos of God is a part of our spiritual DNA, what moves us, what brings meaning to our life. I will take the next few blogs to unpack this wonderful truth about how God makes our PATHOS for life.

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