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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ache of a Man's Heart

The ache of every man's heart centers around a desire for Respect.

However, very, very, very few woman understand what the word means. Gabi and I were watching Mr. Holland's Opus and we both commented on the movie. Gabi hates the scene where the pretty high school girl moves in on the old man. I love the scene because the old man proves his metal and stays true to his heart, his wife and family. He gives up a hope to fulfill his call to write music to stay true to his primary call - to his wife and family. YEAH! And then when he comes home and kisses his wife, he says, "I love you". She replies, "I know." Wow!!! That is respect driven by faith, hopefully in God first and then in her husband.

Men long for respect from each other, from their spouses and their children. Most live without it. Yet push on any way. There are three heart ache aspects to the word respect.

1. To be respected for the YOKE.
2. To be respected for the DRIVE.
3. To be respected for the CALL.

Ladies, ask God for grace to understand HIS design He placed in your husbands and sons and father concerning respect. In the same way, we don't understand naturally what it means to cherish you, we have to learn it - you too must learn what it means to respect a man.

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