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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pray your way through

Several friends heard about a trip I was trying to put together for my family. We were flying to Germany for my wife's parent's 50th. We hoped to visit Switzerland and show our kids where we hung out when I was stationed in Germany. The money was not coming together and the friends tried to get it together for us. But several things happened and business went bad for each of them. They wanted to pay our way to Switzerland but was limited so they began to pray our way to Switzerland. Things changed.

We rented a diesel van and it got great gas mileage. We were able to secure a chalet on the mountain side for $100 per day. The chalet had a full kitchen so our food bill was lowered. The hotel where we were going to stay at was close to $100 per person per day. We ended up going and spending a couple of days on the mountain side at a low cost. We learned something that is still with us. Pray your way through before you plan or pay your way through.

Tori was short for her upcoming tuition payment. We prayed and then looked at the options. We were turned down and it looked like there were going to be severe issues in getting her into school. And then Concord came through. The art of being still, sensing the peace of God and moving toward Him was powerful. It is not that planning is not important but rather that prayer must always go first. There is a way to pray, listening quietly as you move through life and each day. This is a skill to be encouraged and developed.

We are now facing another issue and we are praying our way through. We are lifting the issue before God quietly and consistently and leaving it there on the altar before Him. It is tempting to touch it and try to deal with before the time. This involves the waiting and trusting on Him.

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