Monday, February 21, 2011


Idols are created when our minds and emotions WOW anything. Our mind and emotions are looking for things we can admire, adore and at the same time have a sense of control. Eve admired the fruit for its power and beauty. The power it could bring her and the beauty of itself. None of these attributes were a lie, they were all facts - but not the truth.

If you enjoy something, anything and your mind and feelings WOW it, your soul will secretly stow away that idol for future use. You are not even aware that you have done it. Mostly the IDOLS are worthless but they create clutter in our worship. God longs for complete relationship with us.

I can tell something that I have enjoyed is not an IDOL because of the thanksgiving toward God I feel. I ate at Oddfellows in Bishop Art District of Dallas the other day with a good friend, Sean. He loves HeartTalk and we are discussing new insight and revelation. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and salad. It was a great salad and sandwich. I was grateful through the whole meal. Great fellowship and great food. Good service too. Topped it off with a glass of pure, fresh squeezed apple juice. I sat back from the table and worshipped and thanked God. I ate only half of my sandwich and walked away refreshed.

I am now cautious about getting excited about anything earthly. I don't believe that we need to worry ourselves about every little thing, but in the West we are known for IDOLS of the material type. Fasting the month of January exposed IDOLS in my life, especially TV and video games. Food is finally being enjoyed in worship. For men sex can be the same thing, even when enjoyed by the wife. IDOLS are very dangerous. The Apostle John closes in letter in 1 John with Guard yourselves from idols. They are creeping around trying to find a way in...

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