Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mother Joy

The Mother is first one with the privilege of awakening the child to the secret whispers that God has breathed in the child's heart. The mother does not author, she simply awakens the child. I am unique and special, I am accountable to God, I am to love and can expect to be loved. The heart naturally turns toward the mother. The bond of the womb and bosum is strong and creates a nest sensation for the child. A child that is so awakened will have a strong sense of being and place in the world.

If the mother withdrawls from the child - horrible damage is done, even if the withdrawl is in the womb. If the mother withdrawls though she may stay with the child, the child will have a sense of longing that will not be fulfiled later in life. Men and women seek to fill this longing in many ways yet will have to learn to live with this hole in their soul. At the Holy Meeting on the sacred stage of heaven, when we remove our earth suits, those of us with holes - will have them filled with HIM, forever.

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