Monday, February 2, 2009

Father Awakens

Now the father ache in the child's heart awakens. For most children this begins about 5 yrs and continues through 11 or 12. The child's heart becomes focused on what the father says about the child. They will take how and what the father says to be how God says and feels about them. This is either a burden or blessing for the rest of their life. The father also awakens the masculintiy in the boys and the femininity in the girls. If the father awakens this heart gift then the child's sexuality will sleep. Andrew, my eldest, asked Tori one time why she did not have a boyfriend. She replied, I have dad, why would I need one? Asleep yet awakened. She asked me what dating was supposed to be all about. I said for her to discern what she likes about a certain boy, confidence, good looks, humor - and then put on that like a shirt or jacket, receive that from that person like a gift. Your man will have some form of that gift. Thus dating is about putting clothes, blessings on and not taking clothes off. The father must see the child. Paul tells Timothy to fight according to the prophesy that has been made concerning him. Fathers, prophesy to your children. See their wonderful, awesome hearts and tell them what you see. Tell them who they are in their heart (forth-telling) and tell them where they are going if they continue to live by the integrity of their heart (fore-telling). Fathers are failing today because their fathers gave them nothing. And now these new fathers are terrified because they have nothing for their children. Pray that these fathers would go to God to get from Him directly what they need for their children.

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