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Friday, February 6, 2009

Throwing Up

I know. No one likes to talk about it. But we all do it. Alone and in private. Yet this concept has helped a lot of people understand what they are going through when it comes to grief and healing so please bear with me.

Throwing up. When someone close to you has used that closeness to hurt you it is like they made you swallow cotton balls soaked in poison. If the abuse lasts for any amount of time it is like they kept forcing you to swallow these cotton balls soaked in poison. Soon you are free from the person with the poison but you still have these cotton balls inside of you. Because the person had influence in your life sometimes it is hard to recognize the cotton balls as poison. The cotton balls resemble words, attitudes, and feelings that you received from the poison person into what you think and feel about your self. That poison has to come out. So you get into a healthy relationship with a person who loves to give you cotton balls of blessing. Now imagine, your belly button is where blessing cotton balls go in. This wonderful person speaks blessing into your life and you receive it. But there is not enough room. The poison cotton balls were taking up all the room. Blessing cotton ball in and a poison cotton ball comes out the mouth. You emotionally throw up. When a person has dated and gotten hurt or even in a marriage then another person comes along and seeks to love that wounded person they get thrown up on. In fact, sometimes the more the person blesses them the more the wounded person throws up on them. If you recognize what is going on it helps speed up the healing process. This is very important. The poisoned person begins recognizing what is going on and appreciating the blessing person. Relationships sometimes fall apart because the couple does not realize what is going on. And sometimes it takes years before someone can throw up something that is deep down within themselves. A person filled with poison breathes poison into other people's lives even though they do not mean to. Another crazy thought: throwing up the poison hurts worse than when you swallowed it!

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