Psalm for the Day

Friday, February 6, 2009


Most of us are tired. We carry heart wounds and do not know what to do with them so we suppress them. It takes emotional energy to hold our wounds down. If it is a serious heart wound it may take all of our emotional energy to suppress the pain and grief. It is like we take our wounded heart and put it into a trash can and hide it. We stop being so that we can pretend we are not hurt. Then we operate by our minds. Our relationships are distant but controlled. We are polite but not passionate about anything except about denying what is going on in our heart. We promised ourselves to NEVER feel that pain again, ever, no matter what.

Tired. Exhausted. No end in sight. Yet God longs for communion with us from our heart. Our spouse and children and friends long to know us at a heart level. But we are terrified to open our hearts and let all that which has been suppressed for years - come out. Wretched person that I am, who will set me free?

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