Friday, February 27, 2009

How God Fixes a Man Part One

1. The man is brought to a desperate situation in his life and he can't get out.
2. The man's devices are broken. His devices are things that he has used to intoxicate his pain of not having a father nor a father/masculine imprint upon his heart.
3. There is a demand for masculinity in his life. This could be a wonderful wife, awesome children, great friends.

When these three are present God is ready for His master work: restoring a man.


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  2. These messages are a lifeline-I agree whole-heartedly, and women need to hear this as well. We all need to learn how to break the sick patterns many of us have clung to, in place of a real life with God in its center.

  3. Looking back over the last several years I see how God orchestrated the downfall of my "devices". Talk about being angry for that season until I saw my dependence on God growing. It took a while to see it was out of love that God was taking away some of the things I thought I needed to make it in life.