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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tears - Sacred Prayers from our Heart

Large tears are whispers from our soul and heart. There are times where our minds fail us in expressing what we are going through. Romans 8 tells us that the Spirit of God moves in our hearts to express groans, sacred and holy groans to the Father. We all have had situations where these groans have been released. God is not entrusting these groans to our minds but rather to His own Holy Spirit to take them to the Father. Sometimes we don't know what to pray or how to pray. We are overwhelmed with what is before. However, our heart is still in communion with God and we both groan -longing for redemption, freedom from the corruption.

Some of us swallow our groans and tears. These go down into the bowels of our soul and ferment until they become bitterness and eventually rage. Now we are using our energy to supress these fermenting groans deep down in our soul. The rage overwhelms us and we occassionaly explode on those around us or perhaps in road rage type of episodes. Most know us has nice people - true except for the hidden rage. We need to release those groans at the right time. These groans are gifts from God in dealing with the pain of life. We need safe places where we can release those sacred tears and groans and we need to release them in a timely manner.

Do you swallow your Tears?

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