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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is Wrong with Men? Part One

Every boy has a key developmental time in his life - when he is between the ages of 7 to 11. For most boys they look for a father figure to awaken them into a man's world. The heart begins to ache for this as the mother finishes her primary touch on the young man's life. If there is no man to step foward and engage the young man, he will have a tendency to doubt his masculinity for the rest of his life. Most young men will find that sexuality works as a replacement for masculinity. Thus most men live their life not knowing the difference between their unseen, uncelebrated masculinity and their sexuality.

Thus we have a generation of boys who know how to have sex but do not know what it means to be a man; so we try to live according to what women's version of manhood is - and this does not satisfy the man. Our call is from God, our masculinity is from God. He defines who we are.

May God raise up a generation of men to reach the lost generation of boys.

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  1. DEFINITELY!!!! Prayers for this!! Mentors, fathers, male role models...this is so very very important, and there is no replacing the role men play in training young ones up to become men. We must recognize and value this process. There is no way to replace that critical connection-it is a lifeline, and all too often, absent.