Psalm for the Day

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Nothing is more anti-heart than FEAR. Fear causes us to not breathe with our hearts but revert to letting our mind and emotions control us. I have seen many a marriage ruined because one mate was more committed to their fears rather than to God or their mate. I have an extra chair in my office that I sometimes place next to a HeartTalk student. Their spouse sits in a chair across from them. The smaller chair sits next to them while their spouse is about three or four feet away. I comment that they are going to hold to the one (usually fear) and despise the other. They do not mean or think that they are despising their spouse but they are. Fear laughs and mocks our heart and our heart's desire. To live without fear means being committed to the way of the Heart without any editing allowed. It means being committed to letting the Spirit of God and the breath of God flow through us. It means being and staying connected to God through His Spirit and the hearts of those who follow Him with all their hearts.

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  1. A large part of my mature Christian life was spent avoiding certain things God was calling me towards because of fear. After several years of God breaking down walls and healing some deep wounds, I see that those fears were based on lies and illusions. It took some time to get over the anger of living a part of my life based on lies I told myself. A good friend of mine told me recently, "The safest place we can ever be is in the center of God's will." I am now experiencing that truth.