Psalm for the Day

Friday, September 3, 2010


My beautiful daughter. She lives exactly 797 miles from my front door. I took her to Colorado. I encouraged her to follow her heart and I am very proud of the courage that she displayed in boldly leaving my house and beginning her college education. Yet my heart hurts.

I wanted to keep her at home. For that matter, I never wanted her to even go to school, kindergarten to be exact. The pain is no different. Yet I began letting her go then. She stated on the way to Colorado that she was concerned about my ability to be able to let her go in marriage. MARRIAGE? Who is thinking about letting go in marriage? I guess that is her gentle and loving way of saying get ready for the pain. I love the pain. It is a right pain to have. She is where she is supposed to be for now. Yet the strain on my heart is wonderful and painful. Somehow I am aware of the pain that Christ has for me, He longs to call me home, to His side, to rest with Him forever. Yet there are things that I must do, and be for Him and His.

What a joy it is for me as the father of Tori to know that her brother is close by and cares for her. Let us therefore love one another with His love. I know it pleases me to no end to think of my son acting with my heart on behalf of his sister. Peace...

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