Friday, September 3, 2010

Why did you allow that wrong to remain?

I asked a young man the other day, why did he allow that wrong to remain in his life? I was floored by the depth of his answer.

Because I thought I could manage sin. Even to type this floors me. Manage sin? Touch sin? I was humbled by this simple concept and yet he was not down with me yet.

This false thought led to another thought that the young man articulated as I asked him what other thoughts, feelings led him to continue in the wrong. Wrong was easier than right. Again, floored by the simplicity and profound statement. His wife was not impressed due to the intensity of her pain from his betrayl and failure but I knew that he had been communing with GOD. Wow.

I asked another question, where was those two thoughts, Able to Manage Sin and Wrong is easier than Right leading you to? Where were you headed before God interceded in your life.
Wrong = Right.

Step One I can manage a little sin...
Step Two Wrong is now easier than Right...
Step Three Wrong is Right...

Lord God, please help us that we would not manage the sin in our lives, manage the wrong but help us to abandon ourselves to You so that You would completely save us from our wrong and our sin so that we may live out Your Right and please You. Forgive us when we have allowed wrong to abide in our lives. Bless this young, wise man. Bless his bride as she heals from her pain.

NOTE: This does not refer to one couple or one man but rather several that I have seen over the last few months. The facts have been generalized to present how God enlightens and heals without revealing sacred information that was shared with a pastor.

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