Saturday, November 13, 2010

Father Wounds

I have dealt with two young married women who had no father to speak of in their lives. Yet they have become powerful and beautiful women, wives and mothers. Single moms, pray, pray and pray. God delights to care for orphans. When a father leaves or never shows up, the damage is powerful and real. Yet God is able to redeem those who have been abandoned.

I was asked a couple of weekends ago what is a daughter to do if the father has left? How does she get that feminine awakening that only a father can do? Ask God for it. He is the real Father any way. I am a mere step father to my children- He is their real Father. God has been that father to me. God has raised up men around me again and again to father me into maturity. These are powerful men who took an interest in me and I took an interest in them as well. And I grew.

One of the good things about not having gotten parenting and marriage stuff from my family was that I had to learn it from scratch. In learning the basics, wrestling through these things caused me to know those things inside out. I can explain them to the smallest child or oldest grandparent. That which Satan intended to use to destroy me, God is now using to grow me and minister through me.

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