Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hidden in the Shadow

Thanks for Chuch and Ginny for this open heart revelation.

The mind on its own will always drift toward foolish speculation.

The stomach and the loins will always drift toward foolish appetites when left alone.

Fears and feelings will always abandon truth and drift toward deception and lies.

The only way to live with these things is to keep them in the shadow of the heart.

The mind works well when it is submitted to the heart. The mind seeks the facts, cold hard facts and most of the time can not and will not discern the truth. The mind submits to the heart when it is forced to abide in the shadow of the heart. The mind makes a great servant but a horrible master.

The stomach is quiet and careful in the shadow of the heart. The heart is well aware that the stomach and loins can provide a comfort that is offensive to the heart and spirit of ourselves and God.

Walking this out is very hard and takes a lot of practice and interaction with others who are trying to walk the same path. It is far easier to know someone else's heart rather than our own. So get into an intense relationship and learn their heart and have them help you learn how to keep your feelings, appetites, thoughts and desires in the shadow of your as you keep your heart in the shadow of His heart with in you.

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