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Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Recognize a Real Man

There are five basic charactics of a man that has been made by God Himself. Only God can make a tree and a man. Any other thing is still a child, a boy and will always be a boy. Now, they may be a nice boy, a well behaved boy but they are not a man.

1. Real men fear God. They believe God is real and that they will give an account to Him about how they act and live life. This fear is real and controlling. There is nothing else that comes close to controling their life than their holy fear of God. It is not a fear of eminent judgement but a respect for the eye of God.

2. Real men love with Agape love. They are able to love because they have been loved with Agape by God Himself. Their fear has awaken them to a holy sense of worship and also their own failure to serve God. This failure led to a bold, fearful and naked confession to God. This has led to a personal experience of God's Agape love. They have been overwhelmed by His love. They delight to share that love with others yet to share the fear of God brings greater joy.

3. Real men long for and seek to love ONE woman for the rest of their life. In every man God places a desire to find one princess, one queen, one love that will shake him to his bones. Nothing will move him greater other than his fear and Agape love than this woman. There is nothing that walks the earth that pleases or pains him more than this one woman. He delights in her shape, her knee caps, her big toes. Nothing is out of place, or mishapped because it is hers and he loves everything that is hers. He delights in her gift of herself to him. He would love to taste the fruit of her love but his fear of God constrains him.

4. He is destined for a Noble Cause. He does not entangle himself in petty fights but longs for the true Noble Cause for which he is willing even to die for. His true friends are too seeking their Noble Cause. To discover his Noble Cause he must have his queen at his side and his children in his lap. They are the center of his Noble Cause. He will overflow from the marriage, into the family and then into the community has he seeks and fulfills his noble cause. Some are aware of their Noble Cause from childhood while others discovers theirs while helping others find and fulfill their own.

5. He is humbled by the prophesy of his mentors, peers and disciplies. They have spoken into his life and because of the greatness of their own lives they have authority to speak into his. He is continually humbled by their desire to be close to him and learn from him as they seek to have him help them in their greatness. The echos of greatness begins early and follows him all the days of his life, but he is not overwhelmed with his greatness. He is humbled by his own weakness and failures and is horribly dependent upon God to finish his course.

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