Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tears of a Man

Tears of a Man

I believe that when God creates us, He creates us as masculine and feminine spirits. It is NOT our body that determines our masculinity or our femininity but the breath that God breathes into us.

I began to notice that men cry differently than women. I tell the women to NOT catch the tears of her husband or her sons over the age of ten. When a man cries, when a tear rises up in his soul and overflows out into the atmosphere, for most men, it is because God is squeezing his heart.

God Almighty reaches inside of the man's chest, grabs the man's heart and then perfectly and completely squeezes the man's heart. When the man relaxes and lets God have His way, the tears are released. If he tries to hang on, hates appearing weak, then he swallows the tears down into his soul to hide them in his bowels.

These hidden tears rot and putrefy into anger and then into bitterness and ultimately into rage. The man now has to use emotional energy to keep the expanding rage for exploding out of his soul onto everyone around him. This will eventually lead to exhaustion and then long term depression.

There are two basic reasons for God to squeeze a man's heart. First, God is seeking to destroy the three E's that every man is born with. 1. The Easy 2. The Escape and finally 3. The Excuse.

Most men long to find the easy way to do anything. They move toward easy woman, easy work and even an easy war. Second, they are always looking for the escape, how to get out of things, how to pretend they did not hear or see something and if that does not work to have a ready excuse of why they can not be held accountable for what happened.

Second reason why God squeezes a man's heart is after He has squeezed out the easy and the escape and the excuses He squeezes to get the essence of what He has placed into the man's spirit and heart out into the atmosphere. God entrusts a part of His own heart to every man He creates. He then creates corners for the man to get painted into so the essence of the man's heart can be seen by all those around him. We get to know God when His men get squeezed. You get to know who belong to the devil as well, when they get squeezed.

So if you are a man, God's man, be ready to get squeezed. This is why God wants most of us married, with children and in challenging jobs. We are made to be squeezed.

When my daughter dates a man like I used to be, my heart is being squeezed. When my son acts the fool and dates a young lady who has known only fools my heart for both of them is being squeezed. When I wound my wife with a short, mean word and she responds gently, exposing the hurt, God reaches in my chest and squeezes.

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