Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tears of a Woman

Tears of a Woman

I dedicate this post to two of the most beautiful women I have ever met: my wife Gabi of over 33 years and my daughter Tori of over 20 years. Your beauty has humbled me and your tears have taught me all that I know about women. Thank you.

Women are created by God to be moved by hope. Peter warns a woman to make sure that her hope is authored by God and nothing else. (See 1 Peter 3:1-6). It is easy for a woman to become deceived and her hope comes secretly from her soul and not from her faith. Like Ishmael of the Old Testament God refuses to pretend that a child born of false hope was a child born of faith.

When a woman cries with her heart it is because God and her are creating a new tomorrow. When a woman cries with her heart her faith is reaching into her heart to find God and her together and then creating the desired future that they both long for. Sometimes the tears and the groans are too deep for human understanding and she just cries and groans. Eventually, she will mature into her prayers but it may take a season.

If you are a man and in a relationship with a woman you must catch her tears as they trickle down her cheek. You must learn to treasure them for they will teach your heart about the spiritual DNA of a woman's heart. If you try to learn with what she says out of her mouth and understanding, you will live a life of great frustration and you will lose in the end.

Pray through her tears. Listen to her God. It is NOT going to make sense to you. They are tears from a feminine heart. You will never understand her spirit. God will have to translate for you. And do not ever try to understand her soul. She does not even understand her soul. That is a very dangerous place for men to go. Stay close to her God and you will stay close to her heart.

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