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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tears in Testing

First, tears.
The tears will be gentle at first and may burst into a great flow. Depends. If you have a tendency to deny the tears of your heart then you will be a kind of DAM BREAKING type of crier. If you are able to sense the tender tears rising in your soul, authored by your heart and God's heart within you, then you will find your tears more like gentle spring rains rather than like the violent summer storms.
The Tears are gentle whispered prayers co-created by your spirit and God's Holy Spirit within you. Your mind has not been entrusted with these prayers, these are the groans of Romans chapter 8.
As the Tears flow insure that you are releasing the groans that are locked up inside of you as well. Some of these groans are swallowed co-created grief from the past that must be released. Some of the groans are historical, other's are present issues while some are related to future issues. In all, they need to be released and prayed though your mind may not appreciate or be able to even comprehend the details of the prayer. It is not mindless prayer, it is just not authored in the mind.

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  1. mmmmm....good!!! Loving all of this!! YES!!!!!