Psalm for the Day

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Third Flow from the Heart

Rubies. Pure rubies. Liquid rubies, if you care. Tears, gold and rubies.

The red ruby stands for the heart of God. When the pressure increases and the pain goes off the chart, the mind begins to scramble for answers. It always fails and then begins to shut down. The heart slowly steps forward and opens its ears to hear. The word is whispered in Eternity and echoes into the Present. God is alive and well. God is caring. God is present in my life and I sense His presence and power though He, for some reason, chooses to not change my circumstances right now.

Rubies reveal and celebrate the aches of God's heart - His pathos. The rubies overflow my heart and educate my soul, my family and friends. God is known, not through cheap words of religious fools who have no heart but broken and quiet saints whose heart worship leaks the presence and power of God Almighty.

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