Psalm for the Day

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adam's Sons

Inside of every son there is a way that seems right to him but the end thereof is death.

The Easy way.
The way of Escape.
The way of Excuse.

Men are born wanting easy women. They want marriage to be easy, dating to be easy and sex to be easy. They donot want to have to fight or work for anything. They want an easy job with an easy life.

Every man looks for a way of escape. Pornography, divorce, alcohol and drugs are another way of getting away from the issues.

You catch a boy with his hand in your cookie jar and ask him what he is doing and most men will say, "Nothing." He even may repeat what echoes in his soul, "The woman that THOU gaveth to me, she gaveth and I ateth."

A boy becoming a man has to learn to fight for each one of these. He has to learn to fight for what is right no matter the cost, not for the easy way.
He has to learn to take responsibility even when he is not sometimes responsible. The buck stops with him.
And he has to learn to stand and take the heat. That is a man. And a man becomes that by fighting those battles for himself and by himself.

A father can model and message these important examples but the son must learn to fight for himself.

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