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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

God Chases Me

God commands that I chase Gabi. He placed a divine ache, promise, expectation that she will be chased all the days of her life. Her father was supposed to awake her to this desire and I am to complete the desire. Her sons are to help in their way but my task is special. As I do this with all my strength, I find myself weak and running on empty.

Then I realize another truth. Based upon Ephesians 5 what I am doing to my wife is what I can expect God to do with me. He chases me? Has that been my life experience? Dare I turn around and see if HE is there running after me? Yes, HE is and has always been. Wow! God is chasing me. Dare I stop and let HIM catch me? What would HE do with me if HE were to catch me? This is a reverse. I have been taught to chase God. The God-chasers. Is the secret to let God chase me? To relish in HIS chasing of my heart, to rest in HIS eventual capture again and again only to begin the chase again afresh the next day. Yes, I have the energy to chase Gabi, my wife, Tori my daughter because I too am being chased. Every day I now awaken and say, Let the race begin.

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