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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slippery Slope of Sin

Sin comes to us through our mind, our emotions and our will. When the three get together they produce a sense of the Holy Trinity and the three whisper i am. They mimic God's voice because the soul wants to be boss. The soul of itself does not want a God to worship but rather wants control.

When the soul encounters sin it whispers
1. I can handle this.

The soul always assumes the sin will be without consequence or severe cost. The mind calculates the threat of discovery and the emotions place a value on the pleasure of the sin and the will agrees and completes the act.

2. Wrong is easier than getting back to right.

The mind again re-calculates what it would take to get back to being right, i.e. repentance, confessions to offended parties, exposure of sin, path to sin revealed and destroyed. The emotions and mind agree that it is simply best to stay put for now. If it gets too bad, we will repent. And the will agrees.

3. Wrong is right and right is wrong.

Our morality now begins to reprogram our theology. The Holy Spirit within our heart grieves deeply while our mind begins the Romans 1:18 and following process. First our worship is defiled and God turns us over to our own understanding. Second, our intimate relationship with our spouse is let go of by God. And we wander away from His protection, His provision and His design. Our future is gone without His presence and power in our marriage. Then our family and community begins to fall apart. He pulls His hands off our family and we begin to fear our children. Their desires rule them. The community becomes selfish and a generation is lost to evil.

To arise in the morning and order the day through worship keeps the mind and will and emotions from attaching to each other. They serve the heart well when they are kept separate and following the heart. When we disengage our hearts we get into all sorts of trouble. Hearts - full speed ahead.

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