Saturday, January 5, 2013

Women Live by Hope

Gabi married me over thirty three years ago because she believed that her tomorrow with me was better than her yesterday. I am challenged every year to make her birthdays and her Christmas better than the year before. This hope must come out of her faith in God and not in me. I have fallen short and her hope has been dampened in me. But as her faith kicks in and sees Christ standing behind me, He comes through validating her faith and her hope.

I have seen women marry based upon a false hope. A hope their mind, emotions and will have made up. After the wedding, not long after, she comes to God and asks Him to bless her marriage. She did not ask nor need God in the dating relationship because her hope that the man would change was very real to her and she believed in her hope. But it is a false hope. Like those passengers who trusted the Titanic to carry them across the sea some paid for their false hope with their lives.

God is looking for daughters who have a desperate, focused hope in Him. See 1 Peter 3:1-6. Hope must arise out of her faith in her God. He will not acknowledge a hope and a situation that was created out of a false hope and no faith.

God seems to delight in allowing women to be put into situations where they are left without hope and only faith in their God. This testing and proving time proves to be extremely valuable in the future.

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