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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I see all types of people in my profession. I see the potential that most have for greatness. But very, very few will achieve it. I have cried out to God for myself and others and have learned about what God expects of me to do to be able to walk out what He has designed me for.

We are all created by a great God. In and out of His own being He purposes us toward His perfect will. He delights in our design and prepares us to fulfill the greatness He has purposed for us. There are several factors that can limit our experience of that greatness and the fruit there of. Some are of us and others are forced upon us. I have discerned from the heart of God that there are three key disciplines we must master to stay in the grace that God has purposed for us.
  1. 1.       The discipline of Prayer.
  2. 2.       The discipline of Focus.
  3. 3.       The discipline of One.

I have seen men and women begin to fulfill their destiny of greatness only to be sidetracked by one of the above disciplines. It is my heart concern that you would understand what you must learn and practice in your life to fulfill all that God has for your life.

The Discipline of Prayer.

  • a.       Intimate communion with God. Unlimited and unconditional access.
  • b.      Vision Praying. Hearing the heart aches of God and knowing His character so well you guide His hands with your heart.
  • c.       Learning how the heart prays.

The Discipline of Focus.

  • a.       Raw, instant, obedience to the Word of God and Spirit of God.
  • b.      Walking out YADA, quiet, still, rest, listening, reflecting.
  • c.       Ruthless, consistently, mechanically faithful to design and desire of God.

The Discipline of One.

  • a.       One with heart of God, order and then release of the joy in overflow.
  • b.      One with the heart of spouse, children and family, order, and then release the joy in overflow.
  • c.       One with Mentors, Peers and Disciples, order and then release the joy in overflow.

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