Friday, March 22, 2013


I was asked once how old are people when they are walking out their heart, their child-God heart, the ABBA heart that He gives and remakes us in His kingdom. The answer surprised me: twelve years old.

I wonder if heaven when we get there we are given a perfect twelve year old body. I wonder if heaven is a perfect place for twelve year old children/youth. I just wonder.

I also know that children take a picture of their father at the age of about eight years old and they live with this image of God pasted upon their soul. If their father was absent they feel that have to chase and find God. If their father was abusive they identify God with the God of the Old Testament. If their father was sexually perverted they find it very difficult to trust God. Most are able to overcome this wound by faith. Their heart faith overcomes the soul picture of God.

If a child has a great father at the age of about eight, then they naturally trust God. There are things that they do not wrestle with. If the father was good then bad this greatly damages the child's image of God and they will always hold their heart close to themselves.

Just some thoughts.

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