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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting Ready before the Storm Comes

Sometimes my quiet devotion time does not seem to matter much and can be easy to skip and neglect. Meals are easy to notice when I skip even exercise my body craves the action. If I miss sleep I am going to know it. But missing that quiet devotional time with God and the fellowship time in a small group with the saints, easy to miss.

And then the storm hits. Helped a young family celebrate the life of their little child a while back through a funeral. I was very impressed with the husband and mother's faith. There were two worship songs that were sung during the service that moved both of them powerfully. The song's help was because the mother and father had already worshiped with that song before. Perhaps when they were worshiping before they did so out of love and appreciation for God but little did they know He was preparing a heart connection for the coming storm. And His music in their heart carried them through the storm. It was humbling to watch and learn and wonder what songs has God stored up in my heart for the coming storms? I need to slow down and enjoy the road and make sure I am listening to the music.

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