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Thursday, July 17, 2014


A young lady lost someone very close to her. She asked me about grief counseling. 

Grief counseling is more like a invitation to join you in your journey. You introduce me to you and to the one you lost. 

Grief is not about crying but coming to grips mentally and emotionally with what has happened to us. It is processing the event and the relationship. The Event in related to the Mind and the Relationship is related to the Heart. The mind and heart grieve differently. The mind loves to process information while the heart breathes. The mind is quick to process information related to the event and future events that can happen. The heart is sure and careful in breathing the grief and enjoying the joy. The mind can only process sadness or happiness at one time while the heart can experience deep grief and deep joy at the very same time.

The mind and body can become overwhelmed with grief and shut down while the mind hopes that time will help the pain to pass. The mind can forget but the heart cannot.

A spiritual guide will help your mind and heart go through the process. The guide cannot speed up the grief but the process can be slowed down if you are not careful. 

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