Psalm for the Day

Friday, May 23, 2014


God desires intimacy with our hearts and spirits.

Jesus said, "those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." (John 4:24b)

Most of us are unable to allow God to be intimate with our souls. Most of us are lonely. Some of us are having sex but not intimacy. For most women, letting their husbands into their body is easier than letting him into their soul. When the soul has been hurt and damaged it is hard to allow another in if we are not sure they are ready to be a part of the healing. So husbands are kept out. And wives too.

Christ wants intimacy that is heart to heart that goes beyond the soul. If I have not had parents who paved a way through my soul to my heart then it is going to be hard to allow Gabi to build that road unless she is very careful.

For marriage to be meaningful the husband and wife must have soul sex. They must be inside each other's soul. That means inviting the other person to come in, look around and stay a while. That means giving the other person access to be able to hurt you.

When our marriages have this type of intimacy our kids will crave for that type of marriage and will joyfully honor the idea of marriage. Because they see most marriages are shallow and empty they do not believe that marriage will work for them and shacking sounds like a good way to work through some of the issues before marriage. Most women shack with the plan on getting married. Most men shack because of the consistent and expected sex. A few do it for financial reasons but the damage is the same. God will NOT co-habit with a couple that are not under the covenant of marriage.

The dating time is the time we are supposed to explore each other's souls. But for most of us, we spent the time exploring each other sexually and the soul and heart were left out of the event. When you know someone's heart and soul you know whether or not you are attracted to them.

The wife wants to invite her husband to boldly go where no man has gone before. Warp factor nine, Scotty.

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