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Monday, May 19, 2014

Men how to know a good one.

Find out where a man gets his energy.

Most men get their energy from the women in their life. DANGEROUS. That means their own energy is labeled potential energy. They have reflective energy from women, usually a mother. BAD, run Forestine and run some more. Do not look back.

Good men get their energy from other men. They get it from their father, their pastor, their mentors, their peers and their disciples. Good men have their own kinetic energy stirred up from the energy of others who are going the same way. Look at their mentors and their peers. This promises what they are going to look like in the future.

Bad men have kinetic energy in one area - sexual. Some women mistake romance energy for heart energy. Some men are naturally romantic. It is like a switch that they can turn off and on. It usually means nothing to them personally and they can use that energy on any women, even the ones they have no desire to be with. It is a tool to be used and women are objects.

Who are the man's heroes? And why are those heroes? Who are his comic books heroes and why? Who are his real like heroes and why?

Men do not change. They may mature but cannot and will not change. Do not count on any man changing.

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