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Monday, May 19, 2014

Daughters Dating

I am of the persuasion that my daughters should not date. They fall in love at the drop of the hat. OUCH. That is my ouch when I see and their ouch later on. I know, most of the time, that he is NOT the one. At least for you. But because you are emotionally intoxicated by his presence, you cannot hear me. It does not matter what I say, no matter how much my heart bleeds, no matter how much i cry - you are still going to be intoxicated with him.

Ouch. You love to love with your soul but BUT do not know how to love from the heart first. The heart is very quiet and the Holy Spirit that resides in there demands respect. But when your soul sees something that looks like it is going to taste good you scoot yourself up to the ice cream bar and ask for his flavor. Pieces of egg shells, some dirt and hair do not repel you. The flavor is wild and refreshing and intoxicating. Yet if you could, (you won't) but if you could get very still and listen to your heart you would hear a gentle "no". Not a "maybe", not a "maybe later", not a "Wow, he has a lot of potential". Because the "no" is gentle you do not pay it any attention. And we head for OUCH.

The interview process is created to help avoid the intoxication. You will still get intoxicated by him, and hate me for a moment but because you are NOT allowed to date him the intoxication will die. Always. Because you did not feed the intoxication, it will die. It may die from neglect or from God opening the eyes of your heart to see him for who he really is. Your man, your husband to be will probably have some characteristic of him but not the baggage that you were so willing to overlook.

I love you and always will. Let my love return to me with JOY and not grief but staying under my umbrella, please? I promise to me nice to you in my old age. Please do not help hasten my old age.

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