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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The O's of Ministry

The O's of Ministry

ONENESS. God expects oneness with His followers. Through Christ He wants us right behind Him, walking with Him but never getting ahead of Him. He is looking for a bride for His groom not another groom. A bride is responsive in her oneness with her groom. One heart that leads to one mind and one soul. Oneness always overflows into ORDER.

ORDER. When you are ONE with someone you simply submit to their heart. When you are one with God you submit to His heart. His heart changes your agenda and how you think. Reading His word helps mature us into His agenda and His order. Seeking to move closer to God allows His Being to permeate our life. When His order sets up shop in our life we begin to enjoy overflow with Him.

OVERFLOW. When you have God's order in your life, you will always have overflow that you can share with those around you. It will naturally overflow.

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