Psalm for the Day

Saturday, June 8, 2013


The heart is NEVER confused. Where the presence of Christ is there is peace. In our heart of hearts there is perfect peace. If there is confusion it is because I have doubted what God has already whispered in my heart , or I have disobeyed something He has already told me, or I am not still enough to hear Him.

He is always speaking, always. If it seems that He is silent it is because I am not still and quiet enough to hear Him. The mind and emotions are never still unless told to be still. If there is confusion it is because the mind is trying to figure something out without letting the heart speak. 

Be quiet. 

In your quietness learn how to be still.

In your stillness learn how to rest.

In your rest learn how to listen.

In your listening learn how to reflect what He says without editing anything.

Then teach and proclaim what you know.

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