Psalm for the Day

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Life God delights to Bless

There are two types of Christians

1. The ones who live life enjoying the life God allows. They live life chasing the desires of their own heart and try to stay close to the will of God. 

2. The ones who live life focused on what God authors. They marry the one they believe God brought into their life. They seek the profession God desires for them. They are careful to speak the words God authors in their heart. They are quiet, gentle and powerful. God delights to bless their life and it is seen in their children. They are surprised by the consistent grace of God but those close to them are not. They are very aware of the brokenness that they delight to live with. 

To know what God authors takes time and effort. You have to know His book and let His book know you. You have to know His people and let His people know you.

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