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Saturday, June 8, 2013


I was talking with a counseling intern the other day and I spotted something wrong with their training. Though there was a Christian influence upon the training, the training focused on the fact that human's are a materialistic people. Not like Madonna sang but that the essence of their being is material. What you can see, what you can touch.

Danger Will Robinson!

Very dangerous.

We are NOT material beings. We are spiritual beings having a material experience. Our essence is spiritual. Humanist and evolutionary psychological scientists study what they can see and touch. They focus upon the material. What they observe about the material is valid and helpful. What they interpret about the same is often wrong and can do serious damage to their clients.

I am a wound specialist. The reason for my success is that I go to the root of the issue - the core wounds that affect who we are, damage to our being, the spiritual. Our solar system was not understood until we understood that the sun was the center. Material counselors can help with superficial issues but not deep heart wounds.

A material counselor must take a journey that we all have to take: a journey to the center. Once that understanding is achieved and the personal relationship with God and Christ is understood as primary, then the counselor can apply the science of the material to the application but not before.

Some are saying we need to have more mental health money to stop these shootings. It would help but not solve the problem. Most of the shooters were involved with counselors. There has not been an objective look into the counselors published that I know of. What can we learn? What can we stop and what is beyond us?

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