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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heart Stealing Disease

There are several viruses that we can catch that can insure that by the time sons and daughters arrive our hearts have been eaten away by Heart-Stealing Disease; officially known at HS disease. Like a pac-man from the old video game, the disease eats away at the heart so that there is no heart left when the child grows into a adult's form. They may be a adult in height but not in heart. Here are a few things that a young person can pick up that will eat away at their heart.
There was a young man who was attached to video games. The games were not the disease; his life attachment to it was the disease. His mind and emotions bonded together and sought life from games. The heart is designed by God to only engage and seek life from God. The mind and emotions bind together in a secret rebellion against the heart to seek a life of its own. The Old Testament called these idols. We keep an idol as a back up just in case God fails. We all have comfort things our minds and emotions bond to find life when we feel that God fails us. For me personally, it has been sweets and God seems to be digging a little deeper and saying it is eating in general. God wants to be our sole comfort. Little children, watch out for idols.

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