Psalm for the Day

Friday, March 6, 2009

How God Uses Us to Minister Principle Two

The Second principle of ministry is Presence.
God uses us to bring His presence into people's lives. This is why heart to heart communion with God is so very important. Sin destroys our ability to manifest His presence in other people's lives. Most of the healing that happens in the counseling room is simply when God shows up. The greatest joy I have will be when someone who comes to see me eventually walks across the holy stage in heaven and sees Christ and says about His loving eyes, "I have seen those same eyes in Pastor Rod." Ecclesiastes 5:1,2 says that we need to be quiet when we approach God. We need to draw near to listen rather than offer the sacrifice of fools. When we listen God speaks. Sometimes He speaks in words that only our heart understands. The ministry of presence is powerful and yet discounted by most professional ministers because they do not understand it. Be still, enjoy His presence in your life and you will naturally overflow His presence into the lives of others.


  1. Interesting stuff here. Just a quick question, Rod. Do you really believe that when we see God face to face, we will be thinking of you?

  2. No, you missed my point. When I am talking to you about your issues here that you don't see me, you see and hear Jesus, His perfect love for you. The goal of every counselor is to get out of the way so that the person deals with the Lord of their life, Jesus. Very good to hear from you.