Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10,000 hours

Just finished a great book. Outliers by Malcolm Gladstone. He documents the power of practice.

What is the one thing you have been practicing for the last eight years for more than twenty hours per week? You tell me what that thing is and I will tell you what you are very good at.

Several young men that I have helped have spent the last eight years lusting for women. Yuck! And that is all they know now. Through high school, through college and now they long to be celebrate with their wives yet the power of practice overwhelms them. Imagine if they had dedicated themselves to prayer or to study of the Bible?

Ladies usually have celebrated fear or anger over the last eight years and they are very good at it. In fact, they are so good at it they do not know they are even doing it when they do it. It has become second nature to them. OUCH! Their children know they do it. Their spouse knows they do it. Imagine a young lady choosing faith over fear for the next eight years. WOW! She will become a master of faith.

Imagine a young person learning to control their tongue and open their ears to the heart of God. Imagine them shutting off the TV, radio and other entertainment modes so that they can listen to the heart of God. Imagine this person eight years later! An expert on the heart of God. WOW!

Become that person who for the next eight years does one thing - focus on the heart of God.

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