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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are you desperate?

When parents bring a youth into my office one of the questions they long to have answered is What is going on with my child's sexual development? One of the key questions the Holy Spirit leads me to ask again and again is are they desperate to be awakened or are they eager? There is a healthy aspect to a child who longs to have their sexual identity awakened, verified and celebrated. However, if there is present pain in the child's life and/or the absence of a present, involved and engaged father then the child has a tendency to become desperate about their sexuality.

This aspect of DESPERATE and EAGER applies to a lot of areas of life. Are you eager or desperate to please your spouse? Are you desperate or eager to please your boss, your children, your parents? Desperate means dysfunctional. Desperate means that you need something from that relationship and those who are desperate sometimes find themselves to be thieves. Soul thieves.

Sometime a wife gets desperate for her husband's affection so she tries to train him. Sex him when he does what is right and starve him when he fails. Men train well most of the time. Yet then the maintenance of a man falls upon the wife and that gets old real quick. Learn the prayer path to his Father in Heaven. If God watches over the number of hairs upon your head, He is also watching over all your needs.

What are you desperate for? What is the one thing you are desperate for? God's presence? The Second Coming of the LORD? Your next paycheck? Quiet time in the mornings are a place to still the soul so that our hunger for the day is for one thing - His presence present in our lives.

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