Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Essence of a Relationship - GRACE

The second pillar of healthy relationships is GRACE. Grace means unlimited and unconditional access to my heart in spite of you lying. This means keeping the path way open to your heart even when the other person has betrayed a sacred trust of your heart. When two hearts commune there is a bond that is built. It begins in love and grows into trust, commitment and covenant. Grace is what maintains this relationship. We grow by hurting the other person and their values become ours or we disrespect the person's heart and the relationship dies.

Sex is so very powerful and dangerous. Sex focuses the mind on the body and its appetites and not the heart. Sex dilutes the communion and forces the couple to later rebuild what was damaged in the mating process. When a couple longs for a spiritual foundation for their relationship they guard against the damage that sex can bring to the relationship. Sex is awesome when applied at the right time. It is the oil of joy for a healthy marriage but the acid of pain for two selfish people who don't trust or know God.

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